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La Castrileña is a registered trademark of AGROCASTRIL SAT Ltd., manufacturers of organic olive oil. Our activities incorporate the most up-to-date production systems whilst at the same time caring for the environment and using traditional methods to make the purest extra virgin olive oil.
Our product reaches the consumer with all its nutritional properties intact, making it a worthy example of the Mediterranean diet .
All La Castrileña olive oils are extra virgin olive oils
- pure natural oils extracted from the fruits of our organically grown olive trees.
To produce the oil we collect the olives (picual variety) at the height of their maturity and then carefully process them. The fruit comes to the mill clean and is cold pressed , leaving intact the complex vitamin and aromatic properties so beneficial for healthy living.
The result is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, without the addition of any other type of oil. The flavour, which is strong and fruity, yet also sharp and bitter, varies with every harvest just as a wine from a good vine does - a mark of its purity and authenticity.
 Authentic olive oil
AGROCASTRIL SAT Ltd. Ctra. Castril-Almontaras, sn - 18816 Castril (GRANADA) Spain - Telephone: (+34) 958 720833 Fax: (+34) 958 720201

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